Saturday, May 4, 2013

End Times

The Antichrist has shown himself. Within the last three months an obscure figure has made his presence known upon Youtube with his proclamations, blasphemous to the ears of the precious metals flock, that silver is not becoming extinct as many have been led to believe. Brother John, for one, repudiates his claims, rallying to cries along with the faithful that this person must be an imposter.

While his divisive Youtube views may not have quite the impact upon the silver and gold communities as the assertion propounded by Charles Darwin's revolutionary Theory of Evolution did upon Creationists at that time, his opinions threaten the bedrock of belief that for many supplies a partial foundation for investing in silver.

If silver supply is NOT in jeopardy, as he avers, stating that only 1.56 million tons have been mined throughout history, while as much as a ten thousand times that much remain within the Earth's crust, then one of the orisons that we have offered to the Heaven's has been upon bent knees before false god's.

Many have prayed that eventual above ground silver depletion would spell an end to manipulative price suppression schemes, seemingly in perpetuity, by demonic entities such as JPMorgan and HSBC, backed no doubt in large measure by the will if not the deeds of such satanic forces as The Fed and Central Banks worldwide.

It is here that perception must enter the fray. If precious metals devotees have been laboring under a misconception, it is by many degrees lesser than the delusion of those who still have faith in the dollar. If,  and this has yet to be definitively proven, there is no shortage of silver that the Earth can yield, then what at least is true is that there is the perception, and proof of such, that shortages do exist and are manifest about us.

Witness the recent runup in premiums placed upon most forms of silver that accompanied the downdraft in ostensible silver and gold prices, those both having been falsely derived from COMEX machinations. There is a different price for physical metals than there is for paper metals, and shortage or not, this divergence will continue every time demand outstrips supply, disrupting just-in-time inventories, or poorly planned government Mint's ordering of sufficient numbers of planchettes.
There IS a shortage of silver, and that shortage is evident in that demand IS outstripping supply. The shortage is due to an insufficient pipeline, the fact that a high percentage of silver is mined as a byproduct to base metals zinc, lead, and copper, and the fact that, even should further large deposits of silver someday be discovered, those new mining troves can take as much as a decade to become reliable producing sources.

Continue to stack silver, shortages or not. Continue to stack gold, price manipulations or not. These price crushing disruptions can kill optimism while fatally wounding conviction, but they offer remarkable opportunities long thought lost to those who are willing to steadfastly dollar cost average into markets that represent lasting value. Real money; silver and gold.

Buy Silver. Buy Gold. Save Copper. Start Now.

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