Thursday, November 12, 2009

Real, Recent, Realcent

Okay, you've got an arcane question, one that nags at you like a drunken ex-wife, a perplexing query that burns incessantly in your tiny pea-sized brain, an obscure interrogative that plagues you day and night until you reach the point that you urgently need to find an answer to ease your anxiety before it drives you stark raving mad causing you to run naked - at 1:57 in the morning, into the dimly-lit streets - screaming at the top of your lungs "Arrrgghh, I can't freaking sleep, I need to know the answer to this question!"

Dude, you've got a serious predicament. Your question may appear unimportant to other people, but to you it's as pressing as the arrival of an enormous pimple - a zit the size of the Matterhorn - on the tip of the bulbous proboscis of a coitus-craving sixteen-year-old kid on Prom Night who is thinking "I am so royally screwed, the damned Noxcema from Walgreen's didn't work, this thing is about to blow like Mt. Vesuvius - spewing hot lava and steaming ashes to engulf the unsuspecting denizens of Pompeii - and I am never gonna get laid!" In your mind it is that crucial, so that even if it does seem like peurile trivia to all your friends, you want to know the answer.

So where do you venture to research? What a dilemma. You don't want to ask anyone you already know, because then they'll characterize you as an even bigger nerd than they do now. You need to find some place on the Internet - maybe a forum of sorts - where people with specialized fields of interest, essentially grown-up nerds (I'm one of them) from all over the world can correspond with you and reply to your question with musings of their own. It's frightening, but a genuine sense of camaraderie can actually develop between you and your new compatriots. Kind of pathetic, isn't it?

Welcome to Realcent. If you've ever wished that you could pose some niggling question - esoteric minutiae - regarding just about any type of coin but, in particular, pennies, then Sojourner, you've travelled to the right place. Realcent is a forum that has evolved out of the need to address questions proffered by aficionados of copper coin-keeping, coin collecting, dumpster-diving, digging for verdigris-encrusted copper tubing - as you wield said tubing to attempt to fend off a rabid pit bull on a just-a-little-bit-too-long-chain - to salvage recyclables from curbside trash, and just about any other remotely connected topic that the semi-crazed administrators in a state of precocious dementia could conspire to dream up and categorize into sub-topics on the forum website.

Realcent is the Dear Abby of the world of coin hoarders, if said Abby were to be afflicted with a momentous case of multiple personality disorder. Everyone who posts on realcent has their own opinion, and they don't always agree. But as they are willing to freely share their thoughts their considered opinion can range from the highly subjective such as "yeah, I would stalk her, so what?" to the purely objective "according to Rhode Island state law ordinance #CD1759371-b mandates, "the illegality of your response to that eventuation presupposes malice highly inflammatory in nature and deemed slanderous by the courts allowing the victim to win an award of statutory compensation," in answer to the query "what would you do if you asked the teller if she would sell you $500 worth of pennies and she stuck out her tongue at you and hissed 'Climb on your dilapidated skateboard, you despicable imbicilic little cretin, and never come back?' "

All kidding aside, Realcent is the crème-de-la-crème of forums; the advanced numismatist's, solemnly-sworn hoarder's, beginning hobbyist's - even the most-hardened survivalist's - best friend, a place that they can call home. Its' plenitude of members likely hail from all of the fifty states and diverse points about the globe, and they can proudly flaunt their hard-won expertise, developed over years of trial-and-error and, thus, can readily Deal smoothly with those issues, in seamless fashion, that would befuddle many a newbie.

If we need the ladies to help out we have Ant and PreservingThePast, and if the cavalry is required who better to ask then veterans HoardCopperByTheTon or Nickelless, Slickeast or Country, Jonflyfish or CopperCatcher, DelawhereJack or Dakota1955, Bluegill or JadeDragon? Sometimes the poster children will jump into the fray, so be prepared to read the thoughts of BigLoudDrunk or Redneck, Gr33nday43 or MichaelOnion. Vrbsroma and AGgressiveMetal, Dalsuh and ScottyTX and wagsthadog, while not newcomers, are regular contributors as well.

My apologies to those that I've left out - your exclusion wasn't intentional, but space is limited - but please do recognize that the active participation of all of you is vital to the continued success of our forum. So whether it be gold or silver, copper or nickel, financial analysis, investment advice, national news and world events - or even guns and ammo - if it's answers you seek, then "Welcome to Realcent." And that goes without question.

But then again, that's just my TwoCents.


  1. Hey thanks for the mention (I think) and especially thanks for the great links on the right. JadeDragon

  2. Thanks for the mention as well and the great blog. I have this site bookmarked and I will check out those links Jadedragon mentioned.

  3. Nice blog. I just got around to actually reading it. Why wasn't I mentioned?? Haha, just kidding ;)